Identum’s Christmas choir

12/22/2016 - 17:57

Just a few days to go – at last, Christmas is almost here! At this festive time of year, we at Identum would like to say thank you and surprise our clients, partners, suppliers and staff with a very special gift: a serenade from the merry men and women at Identum.

The entire Identum team came together to record a Christmas classic – and their audience can conduct the Christmas choir on the song’s website. Individual groups of the choir can be looped in and switched off with a mere click of a mouse. The project saw the whole team come together and combines 5 different instruments, 20 hearty singers and a total of 17 different audio tracks. The song even features a musical contribution from a cat. The website’s technical basis is formed by 86 animated graphics in SVG format and 3,400 lines of code. The outcome shows, once again, that we’re only strong when we work together!

Website: weihnachten.identum.at

Making Of: facebook.com/identum/videos/1477224735640044/


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