Everything you've always wanted to know about us, but never had the courage to ask

05/08/2018 - 13:08

1. Identum – what kind of a name is that and how is it pronounced?

Let’s get one thing straight: although our team is made up of 23 idea generators, we haven’t forgotten an “a” in our name! So where exactly does it come from, then? It’s quite simple: to be able to communicate effectively, a brand needs a strong, credible IDENTITY. It also has to be able to blast through a near impenetrable shield of distractions: it needs MOMENTUM.

These two pillars are so important to our work that we decided to name our agency after them.

2. Come on, is your office really like Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s no secret that we at Identum love to cook for each another on a daily basis, sharing titbits from our lives over a midday meal. Some of us have even found a work-wife or work-husband here. But even though some of us like to catch up over a beer or work out together, the truth is that over 80% of us are already spoken for.
Yet in one respect we’re more promiscuous than you could ever know: our office has countless Tupperware containers and lids – do you think a lid ever goes on the same container twice?

3. How many projects did Identum complete in 2017?

We have to admit, this isn’t a question we were able to answer off the cuff. Our management had to sit down and spend some time totting up the numbers. But the results are in, and we’re proud to have completed 437 projects in 2017!

For readers who aren’t too good with numbers, we’ve broken that figure down a little more:

  • Our 23 team members implemented an average of 36.4 projects per month.
  • In a year with 246 working days, that works out at 19 projects per team member.
  • Per working day, we average around 2 completed projects.

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