Austria Tabak said: “We don’t have enough scope to stand out”

Cigarette brands find it very difficult nowadays to stage their own branding effectively. In Austria, tobacco products can now only be advertised at the point of sale, and even there restrictions continue to grow. Despite this – or perhaps because of this – the competition for customers is fierce, as brands try to garner attention as skilfully and strikingly as possible in a confined space.

We say: “Brands with charisma are innovative”

Eye-tracking studies have shown that there are two main points of reference in a tobacconist’s that customers afford particular attention: the tobacconist is one; the other is the shelving.

In the past, these shelves were only home to products and an array of wobblers. We looked into this problem and set about creating an innovative solution in order to redesign the most attractive point of sale area.

We hit the jackpot with a producer from Denmark who had developed a new technology for 3D hologram animations. This innovation formed the basis of a new product for shelving, which can be used for all brands and can be continually redesigned: the Holobox.

Holobox sketch
How it all started.

The Holobox allows brands to shine

The unique feature of Holobox is the fact that the product itself is placed front and centre. The cigarette packet is placed in the Holobox and is then surrounded by an animated brand world with the relevant campaign content. This affords considerable creative freedom: the box draws customers’ gazes as its contents constantly change, providing diverse visual stimuli.

Benefits of the Holobox

  • Placed in the shelf
  • Can be used for all brands
  • Can be continually redesigned
  • Visual stimuli by constant changes
  • Creative freedom
Holobox at the tobacconist's
New brand experiences have been staged every month in over 600 tobacconists across Austria since the Holobox was launched in 2012.


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