Good advertising is invaluable: improving public appreciation of our sector

The communications sector is undergoing a structural transformation. Digitalisation and globalisation are opening up a whole host of new possibilities and opportunities; on the flip side, though, costs and time factors are intensifying the pressures on all involved. As a result, society is becoming less appreciative of creative talents and work. Now, we could whine about this – or, alternatively, we could show the sector how appreciation of our work leads to improved results and profitability in collaborative endeavours.

Win-Win situation

Having our sector as a client is a rather unusual situation but, on the plus side, it does mean we’re more closely connected to the target audience than ever before. We know from first-hand experience that, in additional to fair framework conditions, key factors in success are mutual trust and appreciation of creative work. In the Advertising Division's campaign to improve appreciation of the sector’s work, we provide proof of its achievements and remind both the creative sector and advertisers that good advertising is a valuable commodity.

Based around four subjects, we recount the stories of individual companies that highlight the value of collaborations where work is afforded the status it deserves. We also invited all members of the Division to recount their own positive examples.

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But why did you decide on that design?

We can already hear the question on your mind: why opt for a classic long-copy campaign? Why include so much text that nobody will read?
The answer’s quite simple: in this case, it works. We have a lot to say and were able to work on the basis that our target audience is already keenly interested in the topic.

What’s more, hand on heart, most other campaigns today focus on images, occasionally on headlines – but never on copy. This meant we stood out even more. Plus, in taking this approach, we made reference to an era when the advertising sector was in great health. Don Draper would’ve been proud (and if he wasn’t, Peggy Olson certainly would have).

“We wanted to demonstrate that professional appreciation is beneficial for everyone, at every level.” Alexandra Fiedler-Lehmann, Division Committee Member
Citylight "Dragee Keksi"
We’re also proud of our work. To see quite how proud we are, check out some of our other testimonials.


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