Martin Crnjaković

Web Developer

The opening statement.
To describe Martin properly we have to start with a Sicilian inspired opening, followed by a Gothemburg twist. Not because he is Italian or Swedish (he is from Croatia), but because of his passion for playing chess. As he does not appreciate being asked about his talent, we rather write about it on the internet.

Talking about the internet: Martin is our newcomer in the Front-End Development department. Therefore, the ability of planning several moves ahead is of good use for him. Another great combination: His ambition for testing new things and his love for detail, which guarantees that the new things will work properly. Height is his kryptonite: Martin has a terrible fear of heights which he is planning on fighting with bungee jumping. Until that day though, he could not be any safer than with us: Like everybody in our creative and programming team, he is located at the very bottom – in the basement.


The big final.
About that: Shortly after Martin joined Identum, the big World Cup 2018 final was held – France against Croatia. Nevertheless, Martin handled it pretty well that Croatia lo… well let's got with: …they did not bring the thing home in the end. We were a bit concerned first but – chess super brains don't get worked up easily.
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