Montserrat Gómez

Graphic Designer

When Montse joined Identum, gender balance was a foreign concept to the graphic design team - in stark contrast to the rest of the agency. These three members of our male staff - who thought they hardly were proponents of outdated gender roles but certainly enjoy the occasional odd dirty joke - were introduced to their female colleague. And what happened next? Nothing! No conflict, no difficulties adapting and no revolution - as if it had always been that way. When Montse works on her designs, she has no problem taking up the space she needs by gesticulating emotively - quite in keeping with her Spanish temperament.

Her down-to-earth approach to projects – large or small, unusual or routine – and her firm demands for good, clean design work make her a highly valued graphic designer. Having completed her studies in communications and graphic design and gained practical experience in video editing, these days Montse is an expert in creating corporate designs that exceed not only her expectations but also the client’s. We’re constantly astonished by the professional and personal development in our Creative unit – to which we say: ¡bravo!
+43 1 480 22 72
Montserrat Gómez Montserrat Gómez Montserrat Gómez Montserrat Gómez Montserrat Gómez
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