Thorsten Mozer

Graphic Designer

Given his appearance, Thorsten would have been an excellent choice for a leading roles in the Hollywood hit “The Revenant”. As the bear, of course. That said, our hirsute graphic designer is rather less scary than his beastly counterpart. Quite the opposite, in fact: his sunny disposition and a near permanent smile are just a couple of his best features. His primary goal in life? To spread the music of his band, “Matatu”, and get the whole world dancing and moving.

The lovable Baden-Württemberg native moved to Vienna several years ago to study at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Illustration has been his pet passion ever since. At the same time, though, he could well switch his attentions to sculpting: as the patron saint of Identum’s shop window, he painstakingly recreated each of our 22 staff in realistic clay models for our display. By the time he finished, he almost had to start over: in the course of this project, he had advanced so much that the first few in the series were only a shadow of his current abilities. Sometimes, true talent can be a curse. Oh well, sometimes you just have to smile – and keep dancing!
+43 1 480 22 72
Thorsten Mozer Thorsten Mozer Thorsten Mozer Thorsten Mozer Thorsten Mozer
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