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TTTech Computertechnik AG
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Shape the future

Since its foundation in 1998, TTTECH has continually shown rapid growth. Now with branches around the world and over 400 employees, the company is a leading innovator – particularly in the automotive, aerospace, off-highway and industrial sectors.

Building on the positioning formulated on its inception as well as corporate values it demonstrates to this day, our work with TTTech saw us reflect upon and analyse the full scope of its vision and mission. The objective was to provide the entire company and its employees with a unifying brand essence and trendsetting long-term positioning to enable specific scopes of action to be implemented in highly differentiated business units.

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Positioning with traction

Together with executive management and the management team of TTTech’s individual business units, we produced a clear brand and positioning strategy that can deliver its full potential both within the company and beyond. Internally, it aims to create a sense of purpose, to motivate and to bind the business units together. Externally, this strategy should be integrative while conveying the common plan and high demands of the company and its business units.

Taking the refined brand as a basis, targeted measures were also derived for internal and external communications.


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