Vertikom said: “Can the digital transformation improve our field management systems?”

For many companies, coordinating and evaluating the brand presence at point of sale remains the Holy Grail.

However, internal processes governing promotions and sales rep deployment still harbour considerable potential for optimisation – which digitalisation can unlock. Clients like Samsung, Milka and many more are currently seeking to exploit this opportunity – and have commissioned us to optimise their field service management systems.

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We say: “Brands with charisma revolutionise processes!”

We’ve expanded the existing field service management system, “Vertikom OS”, with web apps and native Android apps for a range of end customers. These bespoke solutions, tailored to customers’ specific requirements, allow users to manage field service deployment, conduct customer surveys and frequency measurements and also digitally record and evaluate retail audits.

Optimisation of “Vertikom OS”

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Management of field service deployment
  • Customer frequency measurements
  • Customer surveys
  • Digital recording and evaluation of retail audits
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Charisma is always obvious to the trained eye

No matter whether it’s a shop reporting tool to optimise product presence at point of sale, a scheduling and resource planning system for a team of promoters active across Austria or an app that provides staff in the field with a differentiated feedback system: our solutions for Vertikom allow their brand charisma to flourish and enhance our client’s user experience. The digital transformation of a whole array of processed information enables our client to achieve immense improvements in performance of their internal processes and products at point of sale.

The solutions we deploy allow us to create transparency and achieve an increase efficiency by over 30%.

  • Retail audit: optimisations for the retail sector
  • Customer insight: implementation of a feedback system
  • Employee management: improved field service deployment
  • Sales reporting: creation of reporting method for trade good


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