Werner Stenzel


Back in the 90s, Werner was a sensational mix of grunge-punk and perfectionist. Stubborn as an ox, he always aims to achieve the best possible outcome – good simply isn’t good enough. He dreams of achieving the perfect foot position and is always working on his “th”. He loves mountain landscapes and would take them over panoramic ocean views any day. Each turn at chess is one cigarette long, even though he doesn’t smoke any more

He has worked in communications since 1998. After entering the industry as a designer and moving onto web development, he remained a creative and eventually went self-employed, before becoming Managing Director of Identum. Accompanied by the agony and ecstasy of perfection throughout his career, it has encouraged him to set his standards ever higher at each stage of his career. A qualified spatial planner, he brings a sensational sense of perspective to our agency as well as a long-term view of our daily work.

+43 1 480 22 72 - 10
Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel
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