Brand charisma.

Hi there. You’re probably here because of the whole brand charisma thing. Well, let’s get started. Picture the scene: a young women in her mid-twenties is out shopping. She’s pushing a buggy with her young son inside. As she walks, she approaches a poster. What do you think is going through her mind?

“Oh, there’s a poster up ahead! Finally! I can’t wait to see what detailed information it will supply me with.” Or, actually, is she more likely to be thinking: “Should I invite Xavier to Toby’s birthday party, too? With him, that makes ten... A kid’s birthday party with ten kids, will that work?”

Exactly. We believe that a brand can only be successful if it grabs us the second we see it. If it excites us. Or – even better – if it pulls us out of our everyday lives. So, in short:

A brand can only succeed with charisma.

We were nearly called IDENTWUMMS.

To be able to communicate effectively, a brand needs more than a strong, credible identity. A brand must also be able to blast through a near impenetrable shield of distractions: it needs a certain oomph – which, here in Austria, we call “Wumms”.

A strong identity and the right amount of “Wumms”: these two pillars are so important to our work that we initially decided to name our agency after them. At the very last minute, though, we came across a better word than “Wumms”, which is the same in English and German: Momentum. And so, ever since our foundation, we’ve been called IDENTUM – Ensuring identity and momentum for your brand.

Simplifying the game, letting specialists do their job.

Identum was founded in 2002, and was an integrated communications agency from the very beginning. We bring together specialists from every field of communications and marketing under one roof – and there are now more than 20 of us. We work together to create solutions from a single source. These are more than just empty words: our Creative Director sits in the same room as our web developers. Not far away, up on the mezzanine, our customer support and PR departments share an office.

Yet the quality of this togetherness is actually our most valuable asset. We are a proprietor-run agency free from the pressure of satisfying major investors. This means we can give our team members the security and freedom they need – because only then can they be inspired to make advertising into something special. This goes for each and every one of us, whether it’s a young graphic designer fresh out of university or a seasoned PR manager with two sons working part-time.

And so this story comes full circle: only when you have the time to think about how many kids to invite to Toby’s birthday party can you find the time to think about how to give your brand charisma.

Our go-to contact for new business, Hermann Weidinger, would be happy to discuss this further in person.